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Simplicity Bucks
Saving Sites Present Simplicity Bucks!
Simplicity Bucks- Alternative Currency Solutions
A Leader in Alternative Currency Solutions

Simplicity Bucks A Division of Saving Sites of Virginia,L.L.C

"The innovation leader in Alternative Currency Solutions"    

Simplicity Bucks (SB), headquartered in Fredericksburg, VA, is one of America's most innovative Alternative Currency Solutions  companies. Our specialty is to provide your business with the tools and marketing services that will grow your company.SB maintains a vast online marketplace where participants, without using cash, buy and sell everything from advertising media and office equipment to brand-name jewelry and luxury cruises. Simplicity Bucks memberships includes businesses, self-employed individuals and tax exempt organizations. These members provide their surplus to more than 70,000 participants and shop from over $100 million in goods and services in SBI's commerce network.Instead of cash, participants transact using credits called "Alternative Currency", a legal private currency that is taxable and tax deductible like cash. Simplicity Bucks has the same third-party record keeping responsibilities as banks and accounting firms.Members use the Simplicity Bucks infrastructure, expertise and services to conserve cash, capture new customers, reduce surplus, increase income and profitability, access trade credit lines, and gain new tax planning flexibility. The bottom line is that you grow your business and increase your profits.Religious and nonprofit organizations joining Simplicity Bucks attract donations from SB worldwide business membership. These organizations spend donated trade dollars on vitally needed goods and services to further their mission while conserving cash.  Simplicity Bucks also provides unique expertise and resources to resolve other business challenges such as helping startups succeed, performing debt workouts and breaking logjams in business and real estate transactions.To further explore how Simplicity Bucks can help your organization. Please contact our C.E.O of new accounts: David R Snow    540-374-0505

The  marketing plan that all about getting "immediate results"Simplicity Bucks has partnered itself with several of the best companies in the industry that provide both partial and full barter systems. This allows every business owner to have the benefit of choosing the  marketing program that works best for their existing business plan, whether that is a combination of cash and Alternate Currency or full AC..Our team has developed partnerships that bring our total market place exposure to over 100,000 business owners, which offers our clients a powerful trade network for virtually any resource, product or service imaginable.

Simplicity Bucks also offers "Consumer Simplicity Bucks" as a unique way to offer discounts to your consumers to drive more business to your door. However, when these same "Simplicity Bucks" are used by a business owner with another business owner who is also a member they carry full retail value.

Have you turned away business's who request Alternative Currency?

Most businesses already Trade , at least, on a one-to-one basis. The problem with that form of trade is that each party must want what the other business is offering. In the past, if the other business does not have something you want, you have to turn away that business.

Simplicity Bucks converts your product or service to a common currency to help overcome the limitations of one-to-one trade. When you make a sale, you get paid in Alternative Currency, which you can use to purchase products and services from any other active member in the network.

$5,000 in business today and you pay no commission

One of the ways Simplicity Bucks differentiates itself from other trade companies, is we do not charge a cash transaction fee when you make a sale to a business or consumer we bring to you. We do charge a nominal fee when you spend your trade dollars on products and services you need and even then it is a small transaction fee compared to the rest of the industry.

To make your business smarter, here are a few reasons to Join Simplicity Bucks!

*Increase your sales with new customers

*Improve your cash flow

*Trade for products and services you normally pay cash for

*Get new cash business as a result of referrals from Simplicity Bucks customers

*Advertise and promote your business

*Gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace

*Expand your marketing area

*Increase your purchasing power

*Enhance your lifestyle

*Create a benefit and/or incentive program for your employees
*Use barter to collect bad debt or receivables

*Trade your slow moving, perishable, underperforming or excess inventories

Alternative Currency Solutions is all about new business, while saving CASH!




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